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Payment modalities and registration conditions


chantier au Népal


A request of a place is registered upon the receipt of an application form fully completed and signed, accompanied by proof of payment to our bank account. No registration will be finalized in the absence of this regulation. In case of 10 days non-payment after confirmation of your acceptance, we will automatically cancel your registration.

Account No. DEXIA:
International Voluntary Service, ASBL
Frémineur 33 Rue, 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort, Belgium
Account number: 068-8893126-96
IBAN: BE65 0688 8931 2696


To help us, please make a transfer by an only work camp.
Depending on your project, for registration fees payable to the IVS, please see "Payment" part.

ATTENTION: Depending on projects, participation fees may be charged by the host associations (between 50 and 300 euro).
On site, housing and food are provided. However, take a bit of pocket money for personal expenses.
Transport costs must be paid by the volunteer

Confirmation from our service
After you submit your registration form, wait for confirmation of your registration that will be sent to you by email or telephone, if none of the selected work camps is available, we will make alternative proposals.

Your confirmation

When yon are confirmed your registration, you will receive from us a confirmation sheet that you will absolutely re-send us one week before your departure. In this document you will enter your dates and times of arrival and departure. Please remember!

Organization of your trip

The transport at work camp is at your expense. It is therefore advisable before making an application for a good registration to ensure that the cumulative cost is generated in accordance with your budget, without buying your tickets before confirmation. The information specifically to join the work camp when arriving the host country, you will be given on the flyer that the partner will send you through us before the beginning of the work camp.

We regularly work with the travel company "Connections." You can contact them so that they will give you a proposition of price for your trip. There is no obligation of purchase and you are totally free to accept or reject their offer.

Contact: Ms. Ria De Bruyn, responsible for business department, B2B, +32 (0) 2 / 550 01 05, [email protected]

Certification of good conduct
If your project involves children, we ask that you attach to your application form a certificate of good conduct (model 2). You can obtain this document, usually for free, contact your local municipal office or your local Police.

You should definitely be in order of mutuality before you leave.
It is recommended that you purchase travel insurance with extensive coverage. It supports, in specific cases, the costs of cancellation or change of booking and provides you an assistance in case of theft of money or identity documents overseas or in case of accidents etc.. Read your contract carefully before you sign and leave.


The application for registration on awork camphas commitment value and can not be regarded as a simple pre-booking.
In case of cancellation of the work camp by the host organization:
You are reimbursed for all fees paid to the IVR or you can choose another work camp. Attention, we do not refund shipping costs (please think of a cancellation of insurance).

You must cancel your participation in the project:
Provided that we know at least two weeks before the start of the work camp, we will cancel your registration and you have 6 months to choose another work camp. If you do not warn us in time, you lose your registration fee.
Each last-minute cancellation can be a problem for the running smooth of the project, avoid signing up lightly!

By participating in an international workcamp, you agree to:

  • Read carefully your road map and all documents that we provide.
  • To pay the costs of possible participation in the host organization.
  • You find more information about the host country before departure.
  •   Contact your insurance and your insurance company to understand the specificities of your contract from your destination.
  • Respect the safety guide of the host organization, its operation mode and its members.
  • Visit your doctor and dentist before you leave.
  • Being in order of anti-tetanus vaccines and other vaccines required in your country of destination.
  • Do not consume or to abstain from buying any illicit drugs in the host country under pain of immediate dismissal.
  • Respect the conditions of registration and cancellation
  • Learn how to have a passport and / or visa required for the destination you have chosen.
  • Expose your country to the other volunteers. Exchange, share your culture and world view without imposing on the rest of the group.
  • Actively participate in the work campin its entirety.
  • Respect the time of work that will be on average 30 hours per week.
  • Be active and engage in the tasks of daily living associated with living in community (eg household tasks)
  • Complete the evaluation form and return it upon your return.

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SVI is a non-profit youth organization that provides placements in international workcamps. Le SVI est la branche indépendante de SJ Vietnam

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